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About me

My name is Giampaolo Nanula andI have been a tourist guide for more than 10 years.
I consider myself a very lucky person because I do a job that I love.
I was born in 1970 so I’m around 40. I have a degree in Political Sciences in the historian department and generally I like to provide the tourists whit a historical background rather than an artistic one. I like to combine both the local history and most famous global events.
I believe to made clear and simple explanations it’s very important in my job.
Very often I believe that is more important look after customers that simply provide information about the monuments.
I have studied all monuments of my region for my job, also because I have a real passion for ancient things.
I still study every day, as every day I study English because most of my clients are American, Canadian, Australian, British and from South Est Asia.
Maybe i should not say.. but I love Americans, they are my favorite clients, because they like entertainment as I do.
Some time I have some problem in understanding them (especially people from some States as Texas, which as they had a very strong accent) but also because my English is not perfect, either way it works.