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Guide to visiting Trani


Trani is the  city that best welcomes the tourists in Apulia. There are two bus parking lots , toilet, information points, cycle paths, pedestrian paths, a wonderful cathedral and a gorgeous historic center.

Guide service

The visit of Trani requires an half day guide service.
Please contact Mr. Giampaolo Nanula 0039 333 2637942

Half day itinerary

We will meet in Piazza Gradenigo (Gradenigo square): if you want found it, and you ask somebody where it is, please remember than many people know it for its ancient name: ” Piazza Sant’Agostino”.
Here you will find a bar and public toilette, so a perfect meeting point after a long bus trip. 
Let’s start to visit Trani, the old quarter is just round the corner. 
First stage: Chiesa di San Giacomo, very ancient and splendid, unfortunately it is  open only during the Holy Week, we can admire it only from  the outside. we go through via Beltrani,  in Italian Nice-Tani and infect it’s one of nicest cities streets, it reaches the Norman castle. Is it possible to visit it inside?
Yes it is but very often we have no time, because in Trani there are so many things to see than we  limit ourself to see it from the outside. If you want to see it also inside we an do it but please remember to specify it in your booking. You can find its opening time and rates on this page. 
Now we are in front of the Cathedral of Trani a real masterpiece of the Medieval art, maybe the best Romanesque church in south Italy. 
I will explaine you its history and the history of its Saint patron Nicolino. 
We will enjoy its inside and outside beauty. 
Moreover: the historical center and the Jewish quarter with the Synagog of Scola Nova the most ancient working synagog of Europe. We will touch the myth of the Templar Knights in the church of Ognisanti, perhaps the best preserved templar church in South Italy. Certainly one of the most suggestive.
If we have time it could be very nice to have a walk on the Trani port dock and savor a local ice cream. It will takes us only few minutes to get to the but parking. 


Opening of the main monuments and fees

The entrance fees are not, in my opinion, essential.

Cattedrale di Trani - Cathedral of Trani

Booking required

Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday: 83,00 am to 12,30 pm; 3,00 pm to 6,30 pm. Sunday: 8,30 am to 12,30 pm; 4,00 pm to 6,30 pm
Price: Free entry, an offer is welcome.

Bell tower of the Cathedral

Opening hours: the same opening time of the cathedral: from Monday to Saturday: 83,00 am to 12,30 pm; 3,00 pm to 6,30 pm. Sunday: 8,30 am to 12,30 pm; 4,00 pm to 6,30 pm
Price: 3,00€
Note: Obviously there are a lot of stairs to do

The castle of Trani

Beautiful and well managed, interesting to visit, but in general, however, we don’t  visit it because in the same day we often visit  Castel del Monte or the Castle of Barletta, both more beautiful.

Address: (Italiano) Piazza Re Manfredi 16
Opening hours: 8,30 am to 7,30 pm
Price: € 3.00 per person, reduced € 1.50, Free for children under 18 and over 65 years (U.E. citizens) and for the categories provided by law
Phone number: 0883 506603
Note: ATTENTION Here are the new times and provisions for access valid from 22/02/21 until a date to be decided due to the Covid emergency. Open Wednesday and Friday from 9.00 to 13.00; and Thursday from 15.00 to 19.00 External path of the patrol walkways 10 visitors per hour free admission

Church of Saint Francesco

Opening hours: Festive 10-11.30 am 6.30-8,200 pm. Weekdays 9:00 to 6,30 pm
Price: free entrance

Pictures gallery Ivo Scaringi

Address: Via Beltrani
Opening hours: Weekdays 11,00 am - 1,00 pm, 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm. Festive 11,00 am - 1,00 pm and 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm. Closed on Mondays
Price: free entrance

Scola Nova Synagog

Opening hours: Opening by booking
Price: free entrance but it is better to give a tip to the guardian

Synagog of Sant'Anna and Jewish Culture Museum

Opening hours: Opening by booking
Price: 3,00€ per person

Diocesan museum

Address: (Italiano) Piazza Duomo
Price: 3,00€ per person

Church of Ognissanti, also known as the Knights Templar

Address: Via Ognissanti
Opening hours: very uncertain times, it is usually open on Sunday morning
Price: free entrance

(Italiano) Nerone

Often the groups of tourists who travel around Trani are approached by a big black dog: Nerone, so it will be useful to explain who he is. Nerone is a purebred bastard dog, is a stray, walks between the port and the cathedral, everyone knows him and many I love him because despite its reassuring appearance, Nero is a very sweet dog. For some reason that we do not know, Nerone decided to become a tour guide. When he meets the groups he accompanies them around Trani. Almost always puts himself in front and indicates the path.
I point out that it does not go begging for food. Tourists often give him something to eat, but he rarely accepts, he does it only for the company. After all, in Trani there are many who feed him. He hates annoyances: he barks against gypsies and beggars. Nero has free access inside the Cathedral, of which he has always had respect: no one has ever seen him pee against a column. I do not know how to explain it but I think Nero knew certain things. If you meet him, treat him well, he deserves it.

Address: between the port and the cathedral
Opening hours: When he wants to
Price: Some caresses

Bus Parking

2 Coach parking lots

Via Alvarez (near Piazza Gradenigo)

Via Elena Comneo (near Piazza Plebiscito)

Price: Free bus parking, but there are rumors that it might be a fee next season.


Near the parking lot of Via Alvarez there is a toilet, free entry but it is welcome an offer: the bathrooms are generally clean and so it is right to leave something. Toilet inside the Municipal Vialla.

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