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Guide to visiting Castel del Monte


Castel del Monte is one of the most visited destinations of the Southern Italy. It is also presented on the Italian coin of 1 cent.

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The half day tour of Castel del Monte can be combined with the visit of many beautiful nearby cities as Trani, Barletta, Ruvo, Bari, Bisceglie, Molfettaa and Canne della Battaglia

Half day itinerary

Castel del Monte is a unique monument in the world, it is a fusion architecture and mathematics. The extraordinary beauty of this medieval manor house has made famous around the world so as to let him get a inhabit recognition: includes, among the monuments protected by UNESCO World Heritage reported. Built around 1240 by Emperor Frederick II of Swabia, this enigmatic monument dominates the area with its unmistakable shape, an octagon with eight angles are positioned eight octagonal towers. As many years Castel del Monte is for many years at the center of both recognized experts in the field, both the press and television, both of esotericism enthusiasts, this Charmful castle keeps its secrets hidden. During our visit to the castle we visit the 16 rooms that make up almost to form a labyrinth in which medieval man could get lost to find themselves


Opening of the main monuments and fees

(Italiano) Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte is monument a unique in the world. It belongs to the Human World Heritage Site protected by UNESCO. It rises isolated on the summit of a hill between Andria and Corato.

Opening hours: Summer schedule: from May 1th to September 30 it opens at 10,15 am and closes at 7,15 pm. Winter schedule: from October 1th to April 30 it opens at 9,00 am and closes at 6,00 pm. No lunch break.
Price: Admission to the castle costs € 7.00 per person. Reduced € 3.50 for young people aged between 18 and 24 years. Free children under 18. Free on the first Sunday of each month. Reservation: It is not necessary to book, to be honest I think it's not even possible.

Bus Parking

From May to October it is required to leave your transport at the parking, than you reach the castle by a shuttle.
There are three parking lots
Here the parking lots  in the order to arrive from Andria:
First parking: “L’altro villaggio”
Cars and Camper 1,50€ per hour
Motorbike, 0,50€ per hour
Small bus (until 34 seats) 3,00€ per hour
Bus Gran Turismo 5,00€ per hour
the rate for the shuttle is 0,50€ ( so 1,00€ round trip)
Second one: “Basile”
Gran turismo bus 25,00€ all day, shuttle included
Third one: “Restaurant Parco degli Svevi”
Free parking but no shuttle.  So if you are young and strong you can park here and go up the castle walking (about 15-20 minutes), but if it is a classic tourist group, please don’t even think about it.


Each parking has its own toilette for a fee (about 0,50€). There is a free one near the castle but is always dirty.

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