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Guide to visiting Alberobello


Together with Lecce and Castel del Monte it is one of the most important stops on any trip to Puglia. Alberobello is known worldwide as the capital of the Trulli. These very original houses make the city very picturesque.
The city is well organized to welcome the tempting tourists who visit it every day. The reception for organized groups is also excellent: there are many hotels and restaurants that can accommodate medium-large groups of over 50 pax. The prices are on average more than reasonable and the quality is never low, so given the location in the center of Puglia, Alberobello can be the ideal place to stay.

Guide service

The guide service takes no less than two hours. It should also be considered that tourist coaches must carry out loading and unloading operations at the appropriate parking lot which is about 15 minutes on foot from the monumental area (and 15 for the return)
For the guide service contact Giampaolo 333 2637942 or Cinzia 338 8453921 Email:

Half day itinerary

The meeting with the guide will take place at the bus park and together we reach the monumental area. During our tour we will visit the two historic districts Monti and Aia Piccola characterized by about 1500 trulli. Of the two, the Monti district is certainly the most famous noticed by the many shops and shops that offer local handicrafts, but we will also allow time for a view of the lesser known Aia Piccola district and its beautiful streets where at every step they open fairytale views. During our tour you certainly cannot miss the experience of entering the trulli in order to breathe the ancient charm. For the uniqueness of the place and the beauty of the trulli, UNESCO in 1996 included Alberobello in the list of world heritage monuments.


Opening of the main monuments and fees

In Alberobello you can take a guided tour of the city even without paid sites.
Most of the trulli houses bars and souvenir shops that will be more than happy to show their trullo for free.

Trullo Sovrano

It is the largest trullo in Alberobello: interesting but not essential, it is located a bit far from the monumental area. However, it can be nice to visit it.

Address: 70011 Alberobello (BA) - Piazza Sacramento, 10
Opening hours: open from 10.00 to 18.00
Price: admission 1.50€ each, reduced 1.00€ for children under 12 years
Phone number: 080 4326030
Note: Some Note

Casa d'Amore

It is a city monument: the first house built with mortar. Currently it is an art gallery. The girl in charge is very polite, so let’s come in.

Address: Piazza Ferdianando di Borbone 3

Museo del Territorio

It is a big nice complex of trulli, very interesting the reconstruction of a ancient trullo with its original furniture.

Opening hours: from 10,00 am to 1,00 pm and from 3,30 pm to 7,00 pm
Price: 3,00€ per person, 2,00€ per person for groups

La Casa Rossa

It is an ancient rural structure used during Fascism as an internment camp for Jews and other people unwelcome by the regime.
The structure is now in a state of neglect and it is not possible to visit it internally.

Address: Follow the sings to Hotel Country Village

Bus Parking

The buses can’t come in the city center, they are required  park near the Sport hall, (it is well indicated). You can park your car in a parking closer the city. 

To reach the monumental area from the parking lot, you walk along a stretch of about 15 minutes which is not particularly difficult. Those who wish may use the shuttle for a fee (€ 1.00 each way), in my opinion not necessary.

Address: Via Viterbo (near the sports hall)
Price: 50,00€


There are many clean toilets all for fee.  There is one at the bus parking, one in Largo Martellotta and one near the Tullo Church

Address: (Italiano) Indirizzo
Price: (Italiano) 0,50 €


Festival of Legumes – end of October

Food and drink

In Alberobello you eat well and for all budgets. There are plenty of cheap restaurants (full lunch from 12,00 €) to luxury. You can also organize tastings of local products (olive oil, wine, cheese, chili …) free and paid.

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