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Guide to visiting Molfetta


To a historic center of great respect and an interesting Duomo, Molfetta adds the attractiveness of the brand new amusement park of Miragica and the Molfetta Outlet. This is also tourism.

Guide service

Guided tour of the Cathedral of San Corrado, also called “the old Cathedral” in fact this beautiful Romanesque church was the seat of the Bishop until the second half of the eighteenth century when for simple reasons of space, the title of Cathedral was assigned to the Jesuit Church of far wider.
Despite the passage of deliveries, in the heart of the molfettesi this remains the Cathedral.
We enter the historic center of Molfetta until you reach the Torrione Passare from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the city. Of great interest is also the Church of Death, whose name does not mislead: here death does not scare, but represents only the point of arrival of a just life.
A few more steps and we reach the Hall of the Templars once belonged to the famous knights. At the edge of the old town and the modern Molfetta we find the Jesuit Church dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, today a bishop’s seat.
The guide service requires half a day.
Please contact Mr. Giampaolo Nanula +39 333 2637942

The half-day visit of Molfetta can be combined with the visit of Castel del Monte, Barletta, Ruvo, Trani, Canne della Battaglia, Bitonto, Bisceglie, Canosa and Bari.

Half day itinerary

Molfetta is often called “the city of beautiful women”
It is not very clear why but it certainly has to do with the seafaring vocation of its inhabitants. Today more than ever the city is inextricably linked with its port, and it is right here on the quay of the Seminary that our itinerary begins.
And here on the port stands out the unmistakable, because very original, the silhouette of the Cathedral of San Corrado, to which we devote our full attention.
This beautiful church in the Apulian Romanesque style, surmounted by three spectacular domes on the axis, was the city’s cathedral until the eighteenth century, when the seat of the Bishop was moved to the largest Jesuit Church.
Despite the loss of the cathedral title, this church maintains a place of honor in the heart of the Molfetta area, which calls it the old cathedral.
We admire the original forms from the outside and the severe simplicity from the inside. There will certainly not be a memory of Don Tonino Bello who has many celebrations in this church.
Then we enter the old city until you reach the Torrione Passari from which you can admire a splendid panorama.
The visit is completed with the evocative Church of Death (nothing scary) and we conclude with the “real” Cathedral City.


Opening of the main monuments and fees

Duomo ofSan Corrado

The Cathedral of San Corrado is often mistakenly indicated by the Cathedral; it is certainly the most important church in the city, but it is not the cathedral.

Opening hours: Morning: from 9.00 to 12.00 Afternoon: from 16.00 to 20.00
Price: Free admission
Note: ATTENTION the Duomo of San Corrado can not be visited as it is closed for restoration works

Chiesa della Morte - Church of Death

Opening hours: Aperta dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 18,00 alle 20,00 Sabato e Domenica dalle 10,00 alle 13,00 e dalle 18,00 alle 20,00
Price: Free admission

Torrione Passari

Address: Via Sant'Orosla
Opening hours: Aperto tutti i giorni dalle 10,00 alle 13,00 e dalle 17,00 alle 19,00
Price: Free admission

Sala dei Templari - Hall of the Templars

Opening hours: Open from Monday to Friday from 18.00 to 20.00 Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 18.00 to 20.00

Convent Friars Minor Madonna Dei Martiri

It is located outside the city in the direction of Bisceglie.

Address: Piazzale Basilica 1

Bus Parking

No designated area but it is not difficult to find a place near the Duomo, Banchina San Domenico area


Public toilets in the former seminary building near San Corrado


Sagra di Tòeme – Canrnevale period

Tòeme is the typical Molfetta mask, on the occasion of the Sagra some traditional dishes are offered free of charge including the tria, a very old semolina noodle fried in olive oil served with chickpeas.

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