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Guide to visiting Barletta


Barletta is underestimated from the tourist point of view, having to choose only one city in the area, the nearby Trani is always preferred.
Too bad because the city has a lot to offer to those wishing to visit it: the Colossus, a colossal bronze statue unique in the world, a beautiful Castle inside which there is also a rich civic museum, and of course the famous Challenge.
Of great interest is also the Pinacoteca De Nittis which collects some of the most beautiful works of the famous Baroque impressionist painter Giuseppe De Nittis

Guide service

The visit of Barletta requires an half day guide service.

Please contact Mr. Giampaolo Nanula 0039 333 2637942

Half day itinerary

The meeting with the guide takes place in Corso Vittorio Emanuele; the most important city artery, where we can immediately admire a monument of great beauty and extraordinary artistic value: the famous Colossus of Barletta.
It is a gigantic bronze statue depicting a Byzantine emperor, to which unfortunately we are unable to give a name with certainty. For a long time it was speculated that it could be the Emperor Heraclius the Great. Although this hypothesis has now been discarded by historiography, Heraclius is the name that the people of Barletta have always given this character amicably considering him now a fellow citizen.
After admiring the Church of the Holy Sepulcher which “Heraclius” placed exactly in front, it seems to want to defend, walking along via Nazareth we go into the center until we reach the Cantina della Disfida di Barletta where we can tell the story of this famous knightly certame.
We walk along Via Duomo to the town Cathedral behind which stands the Castle of Barletta, considered by many to be the most beautiful Renaissance castle in southern Italy. The guide service ends at the Castle.


Opening of the main monuments and fees

Castle of Barletta

Opening hours: times 9.00-18.15. Monday closed
Price: full € 6.00 reduced € 3.00 € 6-25 years or over 65 or groups with at least 25 people. Cumulative ticket with Pinacoteca De Nittis full € 8.00, reduced € 4.00
Note: They are entitled to entry with a reduced ticket - Visitors between the ages of 6 and 25 - Visitors with more than 65 years - Students of artistic faculties - Groups with at least 25 paying people They are entitled to entry with free ticket - Italian citizens who, for cultural exchanges, reasons of study, office or special tasks need to visit cultural heritage. - Handicapped people and their family member or other companion. - Delegations of guests of the Municipal Administration. - Guides and accompany tourist and school - Minors up to the age of 6 (accompanied by adults) Admission with free ticket for all: - The first Sunday of each month. - For initiatives and special events to promote cultural heritage, both nationally and locally, made known through the website of the City of Barletta. It is possible to buy a cumulative ticket for the Castello della Sfida Castle and Palazzo della Marra € 8.00 whole € 4.00 reduced - Disabled people and a family member or other companion. - Delegations of guests Municipal Administration. - Guides and accompanying tourist and school - Minors up to the age of 6 years of age (accompanied by adults) Admission with free ticket for all: - On the first Sunday of each month. - For special activities and events for the promotion of cultural heritage, both locally and nationally, made known through the Barletta city's web site. E 'can buy a combined ticket of Castle Winery of the Challenge, and Palazzo della Marra € 8.00 full € 4.00 reduced

Cantina della Disfida

Opening hours: 9.00-13.00 19.00-19.00
Price: free admission

Pinacoteca Giuseppe De Nittis - Giuseppe De Nittis Art Gallery

Opening hours: times 9.00-18.15 Monday closed
Price: (Italiano) full € 4.00 reduced € 2.00 6-25 years or over 65 or groups with at least 25 pax cumulative with the castle € 8.00 whole, € 4.00 discount

Cathedral of Barletta

Opening hours: morning 9.00am - 12.00pm 4.00pm - 8.00pm
Price: free admission

Parco archeologico di Canne della Battaglia

The ancient city of Canne is very famous because near it in the year 216 BC it  a famous was fought  where the Roman army was defeated by the Carthaginian army lead  by the famous General Hannibal. Today In this archeological site  is possibile to see the remains of a medieval castle and a roman city with its Basilica; but unfortunately there are not findings of the Battle of Canne.

Opening hours: Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9.30 to 17.30; and all Sundays always from 9.30 to 17.30 except the second Sunday of the month in which it is closed but is open on Wednesdays always from 9.30 to 17.30
Price: free admission

Bus Parking

There is almost always parking for coaches in an open space behind the castle.


Public toilets inside the castle gardens

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