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Guide to visiting Bari


Despite the bad reputation that precedes it, Bari is not a particularly dangerous city. In many years of work, never a tourist of mine was robbed or has a bad experience. The famous historical center, said Barivecchia, is a bit messed up, but nothing more!

Guide service

Guide service: The service requires a half-day general guide and is not particularly difficult, but given the artistic richness of Bari is also possible to organize a second half-day
Contact Giampaolo +39 333 2637942


The half-day tour of Bari can match the operating Locorotondo visit, Monopoli, Polignano a Mare, Conversano, Gioia del Colle, Trani, Castel del Monte, Barletta, Molfetta, Bito, Ruvo, Altamura, Bisceglie.

Half day itinerary

The tour starts from the Norman Castle that normally do not visit the inside, then a ride by Arco Basso street to know the ladies who prepare the typical Bari-pasta orecchiette  by hand. Then we go  to the Cathedral of San Sabino and then to the Basilica of Saint Nicholas, both we visit the inside and then along the city walls you can reach Piazza Mercantile and Piazza Ferrarese where we take the bus . Often, if we have time, you can precede the walking tour by a tour bus to take a look at a famous theatre Teatro Petruzzelli .

In summary :
Castello Svevo ( external only )
Orecchiette street
Cathedral of San Sabino
Basilica di San Nicola
City wall
Piazza Mercantile
Piazza del Ferrarese
No admission fee

It is possible a second half  day. Bari is a city rich in history and art, visiting it in half a day if you can see the main monuments, but not everything. For example, there is no time to see the inside of the Norman Castle where there is a room which I find very interesting: the collection of plaster casts.
It is a series of beautiful reproductions in plaster of the main monuments of Puglia, such as: the portal of the Cathedral of Altamura, the head of Heraclius (the Colossus of Barletta) , the sculptures that adorn the Cathedral of Trani and many many others.
But in Bari, there are two treasures that often escape most of the tourists: The Succorpo of the Cathedral and the  Exultet in the Diocesan Museum .
What i s a Succorpo?
The Succorpo is the part that lies beneath the Cathedral, it is not a  crypt (which exists). Succorpo is a very large   archaeological area where you can admire the ruins of the churches built before the current one (built in 1100). Stands for magnificence an extraordinary mosaic floor. The site is really impressive.
What are Exultet ?
The Exultet are liturgical scrolls that contain an illustrated text that was sung during the Easter rituals .
There are not many, and the Exultet I in the the Diocesan Museum of Bari is definitely one of the most beautiful in the world .
You can also visit the Museum Nicolaiano, where they are collected objects related to the Basilica of St. Nicholas, and the Provincial Museum .

In summary :
Inside the Castello Svevo and gipsoteca
Succorpo of the Cathedral of San Sabino
Diocesan Museum
Museum Nicolaiano or Provincial Museum
Several inputs for a fee, see below


Opening of the main monuments and fees

Norman Swabian Castle and Gipsoteca

Address: Piazza Federico II di Svevia
Opening hours: open from 8.30 to 19.30, the ticket office closes half an hour earlier. Closed on Wednesdays
Price: € 3.00 per person, free for children under 18, € 1.00 reduced for ages between 18 and 25, and 60 and 65 years.
Phone number: 080 5286263

Succorpo of the Cathedral

Opening hours: Morning 9.00-12.30 from May to October open until 4.30 pm in the days from Saturday, Sunday Monday and Tuesday Closed Friday
Price: Adults € 3.00 Children up to 5 years and seniors over 75 Free 6-13 years € 1.50 Groups of high schools € 2.00 Parish groups (accompanied by a priest) € 1.50
Note: (Italiano) Consigliato

Diocesan Museum of the Cathedral

Opening hours: Thursday 9.30-12.30 Saturday morning: 9.30-12.30 afternoon: 4.30-19.30 Sunday 9.30-12.30
Price: free entry with free offer
Note: Inside the diocesan museum are exhibited the Exultet: masterpieces of medieval art. Recommended

Basilica of San Nicola

Opening hours: From Monday to Saturday: 7.00 - 20.30 Sunday: 7.00 - 22.00
Price: free admission

Nicolaiano Museum

Address: near Basilica of San Nicola
Opening hours: from Monday to Thursday 10.30-17.30 Saturday 10.30-18.30 Sunday 10.30-19.30; closed on Friday
Price: admission € 3.00 groups over 20 paying € 2.00 over sixty-five € 2.00 children up to 12 years free
Phone number: 080 5231429

Civic Historical Museum

Address: Strada Sagges, 13
Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 9.00-13.00 Tuesday afternoon 4.00pm to 6.00pm closed on Monday
Price: Free admission

Pinacoteca Provinciale (Provincial Art Gallery)

Address: Via Spalato 19, at the Palazzo della Provincia
Opening hours: closed on Mondays
Price: Free admission
Phone number: 080/5412421-5412422

Museo Archeologico (Archaeological Museum)

Address: At the former monastery of Santa Scolastica, Via Nino Rota
Opening hours: 08:30 - 18:30
Price: 2,00€ per person

Teatro Petruzzelli - Petruzzelli Theatre

Note: Normally the theater is not open to tourists, but it is possible to arrange guided tours

Orecchietta Pasta Streat

In reality it would be called “strada arco basso” but it is better known as the orecchiette road. Unmissable. Very characteristic: the women of Bari prepare orecchiette, strascinati, fusilli in the street. They are all very kind (in particular Angela and Rosa) and are very happy to give information to tourists and “stop and chat”

Address: Strada Arco basso (near The Castele)
Opening hours: from 7.00 to evening, every day, all year
Price: handmade orecchiette cost € 5.00 per kilo

Bus Parking

There is no a definite bus parking area.


Public toilet at the Basilica of San Nicola and in Piazza del Ferrarese


Festival  of St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas in Bari is celebrated twice a year:
December 6 as in the rest of the world, a religious festival
7-8-9 of May: Feast of the city, the real big party of Bari

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