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Guide to visiting Soleto


Soleto is an adorable village in Salento. Like many other villages that are not on the coast it is completely ignored by tourism, yet there are two authentic art treasures: the church of Santo Stefano, with its beautiful frescoes and the even more amazing Belfry of Raimondello, one of the greatest examples of Apulian Gothic architecture, something not even in Lecce can be found. A visit to the Salento is not complete without at least a quick visit to Soleto.

Opening of the main monuments and fees

Guglia di Raimondello

Address: Viale Raimondello
Opening hours: Outdoor

Chiesa di Santo Stefano di Soleto, Church of Santo Stefano

Opening hours: Opening by reservation at the same times as the Cathedral
Price: Free entry

Bus Parking

No designated area, but it is not difficult to find parking near the Spire.

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