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Guide to visiting Manduria


When we talk about Manduria, wine immediately comes to mind, and with good reason! The Primitivo di Manduria is one of the Apulian wine excellences. From the point of tourist visit the city has a lot to offer.

First of all the Archaeological Park, a very suggestive place: the visit starts with the Fonte Pliniano; it is a source of water that is found in a natural cave, in which (as noted by the Roman historian Pliny) the water level never varies, even adding or removing water. The visit continues with the imposing megalithic walls, very interesting also the small church of San Pietro.

The historic center, although not exceptional, offers beautiful views and it will not be difficult to find a wine shop where you can taste the famous Primitivo.

Even from the naturalistic point of view Manduria offers something beautiful: to visit the area of ​​Torre Colimena and the adjacent Salina dei Monaci where you can admire the beautiful specimens of pink flamingo.

Guide service

(Italiano) Il servizio guida richiede meno di mezza giornata. Contattare Giampaolo 333/2637942 o Cinzia 338/8453921
Oppure mail:


Half day itinerary

The guide service takes less than half a day.
Please contact  Mr. Giampaolo Nanula 333/2637942
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Opening of the main monuments and fees

Archaeological Park of the Messapian Walls

Address: Via Madorra
Opening hours: Open every day from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 20.00
Price: (Italiano) 3,00€
Note: Inside the park we also visit the Fonte Pliniano and the Church of San Pietro

Chiesa Matrice

Address: Via Marco Gatti
Price: Free entry

Il calvario

Address: Via Maruggio
Opening hours: Outdoors

Chiesa di Sant'Antonio

Address: Via Cappucccini
Price: Free entry

Torre Colimena

Address: Località Torre Colimena
Opening hours: opening by reservation
Price: for a fee

Saline dei Monaci

Address: Località Torre Colimena
Opening hours: Outdoor
Price: Free admission

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